At the left, is my great grandfather, Harry Albert who called himself Albert Harry Battin, his wife Margaret, and their son (my grandfather) Archie Jason Battin.  Presumable this photos was taken in Bloomfield, Iowa where both were born.

Battin Family Ancestors

Richard Andrew Battin, born Burlington Vermont, December 7, 1947

Archie Richard Battin, born Buffalo New York, April 22, 1917; died San Jose CA., February 14, 1974

Archie Jason Battin, born Bloomfield Iowa, June 28, 1887; died Palo Alto CA., November 14, 1945

Harry Albert Battin, born Bloomfield Iowa, June 15, 1864; died December 9, 1897

Harry Albert Battin, born Bloomfield Iowa, June 15, 1864; died December 9, 1897

Jason Battin, born Columbiana County Ohio, March 24, 1835; died October 29, 1876

Ezra Battin, born Stark County Ohio, December 2, 1810; died November 28, 1874

John Battin, born Chester PA., June 15, 1769; died Columbiana County Ohio, April 18, 1847

Richard Battin, born Chester County PA., January 26, 1719; died April 17, 1777

John Battin, born Ardington, Berkshire England, June 9, 1681.  By 1714 he and his wife, Elizabeth (my daughter's name) had moved to the colonies in the Chester PA. area.  He reportedly came to America with two brothers, Adam and Simon, and a sister most likely named Margaret.  He "patented" land in Chester County.  When he died in 1740 his son Thomas assigned his land rights to another son, John, probably to settle their father's estate.  Elizabeth was remarried in 1742.  

Henry Battin, born in England around 1658.  Death before 1701

Henry Battin, born Berkshire England in 1620; died in East Garston Englad in 1701

Adam Batten, born Ardington, Berkshire England in 1588; died East Garston England in 1664

Thomas Batten, born in Enland around 1550.