19 February 2011

Harper's Three-Night Sleepover | February 2011

Written by Richard

Well, Harper Mae Bloom left this morning after a three-night sleepover with NaNa and PaPa. We visited Great Great Uncle Sammy and Great Great Aunt Judy on Thursday.  Yesterday Harper and I went to the store and she asked to ride in one of those car/carts. Later we took a walk. It was nice in the sun. We watched jets heading west andI told Harper they were probably headed for California. Didn't see any headed for Florida, which is where she's going in a couple of weeks.  We walked with our shadows in front of us on the way home, and her shadow waved at my shadow. My shadow waved back. She was a joy for us, a real dear heart. She started to watch The Black Stallion Friday afternoon, but fell asleep on the couch with all her friends. Earlier she had arranged her "stable" of 12 ponies on the window sill so they could keep watch on the street below. Dan and Aunt Megan came over Friday night. Dan and Harper had a good time playing with her flying pig. Megan brought her presents from their recent trip to New Orleans and then went out to get her a coloring book and purple cup. Lizy picked Harper up Saturday morning.  We miss her already.

17 February 2011

Thursday, February 17 2011

Written by Richard

Harper's three-day sleepaway

All's well so far, but this is just the first day. Getting her dressed now to go visit  great aunt Judy and great uncle Sammy. 

13 February 2011

Sunday, February 13 2011

Written by Richard

Well, this is my first successful (hopefully) post on my new Web site blog. 

I'm going to try to get my homework done this morning so the rest of the day is free. What a pain. I keep telling myself, over and over, that when I finish this course I'll be 25% done.

Taking Scout to the vet in the morning and then on to our project at Lizy and Eric's. 

Click on the continue reading text below to see a short video of Harper's when she first started walking.